Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 of Ghana 2011!

We started our morning off at a school here in Ghana, and helped them make bricks so that they could expand the school.  I took several pictures of what was on their chalk boards.  Some of this stuff is advanced physics that I never even understood!

This little guy, yes guy, really wanted to help us out.  He was maybe one at the most.

Here's all the bricks we made!  We put them inside one of the rooms to dry.  I had to wash my shoes when we got home because I dumped a bag of cement on them.

This "little" guy was buddy with all the guys.  He really didn't want to play with the girls here but wanted all of the guys to pick him up and carry him around.

After spending our early morning working at the school, we went to a different beach than yesterday.  This one had a cove to the ocean so we got to go swimming.  This was my first ever experience of swimming in an ocean, and I LOVED it.  I've decided it will have to happen more often and I might have to move much closer to one than the middle of Missouri.

That is Fort Amsterdam up on the hill.  I never got to hike up there, I was having too much fun in the water.

Watching the waves break on the rocks was pretty cool.  There are some more pictures of that after lunch too.

Here's lunch, salad, LOBSTER, rice with onions, peppers and papaya, and pasta.  I also had a chicken kabob a little later which was really good too.


So after lunch and some more swimming we got a lesson in the language of this region of Ghana.  It's called Fante.  First names here come from the day of the week you are born.  I was born on a Sunday, so my name is KwaySee.  I also learned how to say How are you, Oat Sudan, it's all cool, ba goal, and a couple other phrases that I can't remember right now.  I'll put up some more fante as the weeks go by.  Good night all for now, its getting late and I've been up 16 hours already.

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