Sunday, January 2, 2011

A hike around.

This is our street.  We're standing right outside our gate.

Y'all know me and flowers.  This is the tree right outside our gate.

This little lizard was so cool, I had to get a picture of him.  The letters on the top step is the address of the shop.

We stopped for sodas at this little restaurant and a parade came through.  Then they came and mobbed us and tried to get money from us.  The store owners ran them off for us though.

More plants, this little swamp was full of these vines and yellow flowers.

These columns were on the side of the road.  The last column has a number to buy the pieces to build any type of column you want.

We were on our way home after our hike.  That's our neighborhood up in front of us.  It's a pretty affluent area compared to most of the city.

I'll probably post at least once more tonight. We're going for another hike later and the rest of our group will be here tonight, so look for another possible post.

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