Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ghana day 5

You know me and my trying to be artsy sometimes, so I will start with a view artistic shots around the house.

The front fence.

So we had orientation to our NGOs today, and according to our site director, the second best cook in Ghana, the best makes food for us everyday ;-), served our lunch at the ProWorld Ghana office.

After lunch, we took an hour long hike into town and I took some pictures of how people live.  This is a garbage pit obviously and they burn their trash rather than following the law and taking it to a REAL dump site.

Chickens and goats are EVERYWHERE!  These two were pretty upset we were in their area.

God is on EVERYTHING here.  I'm all for religion, but its in every last thing they do.  From the alcohol in this sign, to the cell phone repair to the bread I eat for breakfast.

See the two TINY goats?  They were SO cute and the smallest I've ever seen!

The Police here all drive  motorcycles just so they can get through the traffic.

I totally didn't realize when I took the pic of the bikes that I was in front of a substation, but I was...  Basically, it seems like the cops aren't really law enforcement here, but a job that the government hands out because they don't do anything and don't seem to enforce any of the laws.

A whole family of chickens was roaming around the shops where we went.  I did lots of shopping and got birthday presents for my mom, niece and nephew!

So President Obama's first state visit was here to Ghana and Cape Coast!  This is a sign with their president and ours celebrating that visit.  The main street of the city is now named Obama street because of him pledging help to the country after he came here and saw how bad it was.

So that was my Wednesday in a quick nutshell.  Look for Thursday in a little bit!

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